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Right, after deciding to get myself back on track with illustration and to take it seriously, I've already looked into good books for progressing my skills and now I want to look into what materials are best for each type of illustration, what materials are more affective. The following is what I currently use:

Cartoon (comics) - Pencil, ink, touched up in photoshop / illustrator
Fantasy - Pencil - Gouache - photoshop
Landscape - Water colour, Gouache (Gouache preferred)
Portraits - Water colour, Gouache (Gouache preferred)
Sketch - Pencil

What materials do you use, or in my case what should I be using instead?

Mac, black fineliner, Photoshop/Illustrator/Freehand, wacom tablet, blue lead sketch pencil, trace pad, sketch pad/paper, black pencil, low tak tape, lightbox, scanner (A3 is good), scalpel, printer, sorted.

Markers, soft coloured pencils, watercolours, brushes, ink pen on standby.

I'd be lost without at least two thicknesses of fineliner. Mechanical pencils are great, especially with blue lead for roughwork (though it tends to snap a lot - be light with it). Tracing paper is great to work with too for doing linework.

It's all about trying things out and seeing what works for you and the style you're working in, try a bit of mix & match. Hell, I've had some nice results even with a Bic biro.

I love layout pads as they're much cheaper than trace.