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Now that I'm into the swing of things with drawing cartoons I'm now stuck with colouring my initial sketches. I've seen promarker pens all over the place specific for cartoon and manga but they are soo expensive and I'm not sure if they are really the necessary pens.

What do you use to colour your initial sketches and where do you get them?

Do it the proper way with ink and a brush... (parker quink works OK, but you might want something a little thicker)

I seem to remember using an ink brush thing at school... it was like a fat cartridge pen that had a brush for a tip, dunno what it was called though, someone here might know what I'm on about http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png.

I would be a bit cautious with stuff labelled specifically for manga, a lot of it looks like cheap tat.

But honestly, learning to draw with a pencil should be your priority... shading and applying colour comes later http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png

Thanks Ralph, yes I am a bit dubious buying the pens labeled for manga however they seem sufficient if it comes to it. I'm fine with the drawing side it's the colouring part I'm on. I will of course be finalizing the artwork in photoshop / illustrator but its just the initial drawings I want to look into the colouring of, need a good idea to how they will look before going digital with them. I was thinking perhaps just use paint for colouring, but markers do seem to have a nice affect at times

note, these 'manga' pens (and most markers unless stated) are alcohol based and so don't really like normal paper.

Had to use these markers at uni, they're ok but probably quicker to do line art and then fill on the pc.

Ah, the days of the Letraset 'bleed proof' marker pad.
You had to sell your soul to get an A2 on, pricey they are.