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I am a graphic designer who is interested in learning (X)HTML + CSS to expand my knowledge in the web design development industry.
Has anyone else started to learn it, or is already at an advance level?

Would this be an advantage to do this?

It seems to me that could be a great opportunity to blend in the skills of (development and graphics) into 1.

Taking on board this is a good objective, would I be able to learn lots from using Lynda 1.HTML + 2. CSS tutorials.

I would like to hear some feedback from people who have learned coding, what litterature/tutorial sources did you use for your learning curve, how long did it take you (I know; how long is a piece of string. lol) to at least get a very good grasp of coding in general or simply how long did it take you to master it.

Any help, guidance would be really appreciated.


I think it will help you, though only so far - HTML is really very easy to pick up, just follow some online tutorials and you'll get the hang of it in no time, this site (http://www.w3schools.com/) is probably your best place.

CSS is also pretty easy to get the hang of and once you've gone through the different stages it will come to you very quickly with practice, it isn't complicated. From there you'll be able to put together some very nice websites.

That said, in order to get to the good stuff you'll then need to start looking into PHP and databases etc which is where it can get a bit more tricky, but HTML and CSS is simple enough and a good foundation!

I bought myself a book HeadFirst HTML & CSS and worked through it. It's not very difficult to learn to do simple websites and then progress from there.

I didn't think I would like coding being artist/graphic designer but strangely I did. To watch a site look how you want it just because you add a colon or something in the coding/css is a great feeling! And it didn't take me very long to learn HTML or CSS. That said I haven't had much of a chance to use it much and I should really practise more. . .go for it!

Isn't (and I might be wrong here) tricky to be very good at both ie: coding and design?
Aren't you either one or the other?

I don't think that is necessarily true - someone could be naturally creative and enjoy the design yet still be more than capable of learning how to code.