View Full Version : Graphics tablets - I find drawing difficult!

I bought a wacom graphire 4 tablet recently and was so excited about the possibilities for drawing that it would open up. However i find it hard to draw smooth lines with it - certainly not the same as on paper. It's so smooth, and because you cant turn the screen round as you do with paper to draw curves and so on, i cant get very pleasing results. I have tweaked the setting in case it was too sensitive but no improvement. So at the end of the day i am still often drawing on paper and scanning it into the computer.
Does anyone else find this? Or have any tips on drawing with a wacom?

I use a big old Intuos 2.

I can use it for drawing directly into Photoshop or Painter but only for sketching and that took some practice to get used to.
Working in layers from a rough to a more polished drawing helps as does knocking back the transparency.

I convert my sketches into vectors so I only need a sketch and nothing too tight and I still tend to use paper and pencil as I never really liked that slippy feel.

One way around this is to tape or spraymount some paper on to the surface of the tablet and this gives some more friction and feels more like a pencil although I'd imagine it wears the nibs out quicker.
Tracing paper works quite well for this.

Regarding tilting the page, I think you can do this in Painter where you can spin the art board same as you would a pad to get more flowing curves.

In photoshop cs4 there is an option to swivel the canvas without rotating the document. I think that was borrowed from manga studio, which there is a free version of, which is pretty good.

There is a fair amount of personal preference in this, it depends what programme you are using, what the setting of the tablet are like...

I tend to do my linework by hand and use the tablet for further digital work (ie cleaning and colouring), I very rarely draw directly with the tablet. You just don't get the same results, even with no control issues at all, the drawing isn't the same.

As JimLad says... draw it by hand first....scan and colour/Vector up.