View Full Version : Netbook for a Graphic Designer?

Netbook for a Graphic Designer?

Need something small to take with me everywhere instead of lugging the 17" lappy with me

Mainly for emails file sending etc but ideally need something to run Illustrator CS4 and Photoshop CS4 for small on the move amends, holidays, client meetings etc?

Are they powerful enough to run these programs? are there any particular models / brands?

I’ve got a NetBook which I used when I went travelling for emails/blog and so on. I would pull my own eyeballs out rather than use it for work but I met a guy who had the same one and was using Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver and putting together websites quite happily (nice websites too!).

We went for the most expensive Acer Aspire One - it was about 340 at the time I think. To be honest they’re brilliant things and 340 isn’t much for a computer these days so worth a punt. You will find that sometimes they won’t meet minimum specs for software but the software will actually run if you try it. Anyway, Acer seem to be popular.

I won't be working on it if I can help but you know what happens when your away etc someone needs a file or an amend etc figured it would be handy to own one