View Full Version : How many pieces of work in a portfolio?

How many pieces of work would you normally expect to see in a Graphic Design portfolio?

What would you say is a good portfolio?

I'd say there are a few things to factor in…

1) Is it a folio to take with you to interview, or to send a small pdf sample at application stage?
2) What is the role? What would you be most involved in? Branding? Publications? Web?

It is important to consider these things, as there is no point in sending 10 logos to a company for a role mainly involved in production publications.

If a role is for a specific type of design, make sure the folio you present them reflects your skills in the potential role. If it's a general design position, make sure you show variety throughout.

I'd say you should be looking at maybe 7-8 piece of work at application stage, and maybe make it up to 15 pieces to take to interview. I've heard a lot of people saying they like to see or would take scamps and sketches to show your working process, but I've never done this, and generally find interviewers are happy to hear you explain your work, and it can give you a chance to show your passion for design!

Be strict when deciding what will go in the portfolio, be ruthless! In my opinion, it'd be better to have less work, but of higher quality throughout, than filling up with things you aren't 100% happy with to make up the numbers.

The portfolio would be available online and the position I will be looking for is a junior GD position.

Yes I was thinking along those lines too. Only include really good work and to keep it quality and not quality. I was planning on having a variety of work in my portfolio, logos, posters, advertisings, leaflets, etc and this way I would not appear as ‘specialised’ in one area. I was hoping this would allow me to look flexible to employers in the range of work I design. I also do illustrations too.

Question for you: If you apply to a job ad and the company deal with say branding and my folio only has 2-3 examples of branding would I need to produce more branding examples? or could I just leave my folio as it is, as variety?