View Full Version : Some Excel 2007 gridlines have disappeared

I am working on an Excel 2007 spreadsheet and some of the gridlines have disappeared. When I go to Font and click on No Fill, nothing happens. I was told that sometimes the grid gets whited out but obviously, that wasn't the case here.

I have seen the same thing happen last year using Excel 2000 and for the life of me, I couldn't find a way to restore the gray gridlines.

In both case, only some gridlines have disappeared. i see gridlines checked so that's not the problem.

I also find navigating the ribbon is a nightmare and have to do a Google search to find each entry. I wish they left the format of this program the way it was in Excel 2000 as it as way more intuitive.

Now I can use the spreadsheet as all other functions work but it's extremely frustrating that I can't find a way to restore those gridlines.

I know I can add them as borders but they are darker and that isn't really getting to the root of the problem. At this point, I'm more curious than inconvenienced as I hate having unsolved riddles.

Any ideas are appreciated.

I didn't add any borders that I'm aware of. What do I do to restore the gridlines. I just went to the spreadsheet was using, clicked on a cell and then went to the font group, clicked on borders and then No borders but nothing had changed. The gridlines in certain random cells seem to have disappeared.

You may have added white borders to those cells, which would make them look like they have no gridlines.

Press Ctrl+A to select all cells. Then click Ctrl+1 to open Format Cells. Click the Border tab, then select "None" under the presets and click OK.

Then click Ctrl+1 to open Format Cells again. Click the Fill tab, then click "No Color" then OK.

See if that helps.