View Full Version : Used Smitfraud Fix And Now Browsers Don't Work

Yesterday I visited Annoyances.org and they sent me to a link on your site to fix my malware problem. I downloaded and used the Smifraud fix. The malware is now gone!! Thanks for that. Now I did notice that the only browser that is able to use the internet is the one I was using at the time: FIrefox. When I tried to use Opera or IE they could not and were getting the "Cannot Display the webpage. I did check to see if it was my firewall by disarming it. It wasn't. Have any ideas what could have happened? They were working with the malware...but not now. . I know I only need one browser but with kids another is needed. Thanks for your time!

It's apparently not letting IE browsers work. I tried to download the Panda but it's not supported with Firefox browsers..so I can't do it. Any other ideas to get the system working again?

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WinSock XP Fix can cure the problem of lost connections after the removal of Adware components or modifications of the Winsock settings.
Sometimes your Internet connectivity will get corrupted due to invalid or removed registry entries.

Thanks for answering. I'm going crazy here! I will try what you suggested and get back to you!!!

I did that and it still doesn't work. Now also my antivirus email part doesn't work either. When trying to connect the web page searches for the proxy setting. HELP! and thanks. Also when the antivirus was trying to connect it said I had limited internet connection or none at all. Is it possible that the Smitfraud removal did this? It was all working before that. I also tried the Panda and it's not supported in this browser.

ps. I was informed that you all are a great bunch of guys from annoyances!