View Full Version : How Safe Is It To Browse While In Safe Mode?

While in safe mode, the icons on the bottom right are not present. Does that mean that programs like NIS are not enabled in this mode? If that is the case, doesn't running an active scan, like Panda, also present a security risk?

I'd like to work on other things while Panda is running, but I am hesitant to open other programs or to browse if my computer is not protected while in this mode.

I couldn't decide whether this topic belongs in security or browsing, so I hope I chsoe the correct forum.

I don't really have an antivirus... http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif

Yeah, that means that your start up programs aren't running. You'll have to start your antivirus by yourself in safe mode. Safe mode is mostly for just getting into your computer when you're having problems starting it up, and fixing it from there...

Thanks for the information. I always assumed I was protected in Safe Mode. After all, it is called Safe Mode. Kind of ironic, isn't it. Now I'll run on-lin virus and spyware checks in safe mode and then again after safe mode. Looks like I'll be spending a lot of time running those programs...

"Safe Mode" is another example of MS's misleading use of the language. What SM does is to launch your computer with the very minimal Windows processes needed. If you are "safe" from anything, it is from non-essential components and applications running.

Thanks for clarifying that. So, when running on-line virus scans in safe mode, how can you protect yourself-- these scans often run for a long time and require that other virus and malware protection not be on. <br /><br />I am confused about one relevant thing (well, probably lots of things, but I'll focus on this for the moment.) Does a browser have to be open for an infection to occur? Or, can an infection occur just because you are connected to the internet (e.g., with a cable modem), but no browser is open? Thanks.