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My dialup Netzero ISP hijacks my web browser Internet Explorer 6 so that after I sign on the first page that loads is their account page. I would like to have my gmail account load first. Yes I know what you'll say, just type it in the Address: box of Internet Options under the General tab, but I already did that & can go there once I press the "Home" button. But I want my first page to load my gmail account, hope you understand. I don't want to change my web browser either Internet Explorer 6 to some other as has been suggested. And here's the catch I already had it set up this way for a long time so please don't tell me it can't be done. I forgot how to do this when I recently had to reinstall my ISP with their install CD.This must be some kind of registry change that allows this to occur, cause Netzero is hijacking the web page. Thanks.
Windows XP Home Edition SP2 version 2002 dialup ISP with Netzero.

Load the GMail Page - then
Internet Options
Use Current

If NetZero keeps resetting itself after this try HijackThis to delete the registry entry.

Both those things you suggested were tried & were ineffective.With Use Current, you must be in your gmail account or else you end up going to wherever you just were every time. With Hijack This every time you "fix" the selected "Netzero settings, they just reset themself once you close the program. I tried unregistering certain dlls in the Run box under Safe Mode I type regsvr32 /u dll filename or rundll32 dll filename but just get "...module not located" error messages.
Perhaps someone knows exactly what to type in the Run box that I'm not doing to unregister dlls or another way to do this? It certainly wasn't this difficult 3 months ago, the last time I set this up. Thanks for your attempt.

Wonder if this could just be using a Netzero "connectoid" for dial-up. I'm not familiar with Nezero but have know this happen with other ISP connectoids. You could try creating a new dial-up connection manually. Otherwise it sounds like a security/hijacking issue - of which I have little interst or expertise.

I have heard that if you try altering the connection & dial the ISP Netzero drops the connection. But I'm game if you are. How does it go? I need a step by step for this one,thanks.