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Just curious but at the minute I feel I've out grown or moved away from (right now I can't be sure which) GTAO. There is a big DLC coming and I can't get excited about it. I also played the game today and gave up after one amateurish mistake instead of trying again. It is at that point I realised that I am at the end of my tether and burned out by it.

What I want to know what games you out grew and what were the signs. Also did you ever come back to a game you gave up for dead (not counting games you still enjoyed but took a prolonged break from).

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When doing the stuff I usually enjoy doing pisses me off. And yea, I did come back to a game I thought I ditched and that's Watch Doges. I used to call it boring and stuff but god damn does it have really well fleshed out combat.

When people hit you up to play multiplayer and you feel more dread than excitement and it just feels like such a hassle and a waste of time. I guess when you dislike playing it more than you enjoy playing it.

I couldn't think of a word so I used dread which may be overkill but f*ck sometimes when I've been hit up to play 4v4s on Advanced Warfare all I've thought to myself is "ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'd rather jump out the damn window"

Funny you mention watch dogs. It seems an overlooked game by many. I was playing it yesterday and felt it enthralling, and surpirisingly well balanced.

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When you start a new character and get to the second quest and quit because you're so bored of it.

I tried picking up Skyrim again a few days ago but I've played it through twice already and know how to do everything and it's not exciting anymore.