View Full Version : There has never been an all-around awesome pirate/high seas game

Well, there is arguably Black Flag, but once you're off the boat, you're clearly playing an AC game. There has never been a game that draws you deeply into a pirating experience in the way that RDR draws you into a Cowboy experience or like Skyrim draws you into a Nordic fantasy experience. There needs to be one. What core and side elements aside from the boating do you think would need to be present to make such a plunder shine?

Never? I couldn't disagree more. Sid Meier's Pirates!* is an awesome all-around pirate/high seas experience.

*The enhanced remake.

What about Sea Dogs, Sid Meier's Pirates, Claw and Monkey Island series? Those are some of the few pirate games I know of...

These were all good games, don't get me wrong, but SMP and MI were adventure games, and Sea Dogs was a pretty basic RPG when you got down to it. I'm talking 1:1 over-the-shoulder action platforming from start to finish--not unlike, say, Wind Waker meets Rockstar, but very specifically in the Bartholomew Roberts pirate genre with the occasional skull island, Kraken, and merperson thrown in.