View Full Version : MBP recently updated to 10.9.4 continuously going to sleep

Complaint follows. The client restarted their computer and the problem resolved. Any one else experience this problem? Know what causes it?

Hi - Since I opened my laptop this morning every minute or so my monitor screen will just shut off (go dark) even while I am using it and typing. If I click a key or move my mouse it comes back on but goes dark again a minute later. I have no changed any settings and even checked my screen saver and energy settings but none of them have changed. The screen shut off 4 times while writing this email.

From what I have read on Apple forum sites many are having big troubles after upgrading to Maverick 10.9.4. What the fix is if any I have no idea but hopefully one of the Apple experts here will point in the right direction.

It's likely a 10.9.4 issue but they can try resetting the SMC (power controller) per Apple's instructions here. Two methods depending on if it has a removeable battery or not.