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This may sound dumb but mac's are something I have never really used other then in a college art class. What exactly is hackintosh is it basically a mac that can use AMD parts instead of just intel? Also i know mac is the industary standard for graphic design, that begin said would anyone recommand that i set up a mac for that reason? I do alot of art(just for fun) since i never really used mac it would be nice to get some input and hear what mac users say. thanks in advance!

A "hackintosh" is basically a non-Apple computer running the Mac OS. It is technically against Apple's End User Agreement for the Mac OS to do this, although it has never really be tested in court, so it is unclear if it is truly an enforceable provision.

As to whether you need a Mac for graphics design, you probably would be fine with Windows. Most of the "big" graphics design programs are on both Windows and the Mac OS and are more than likely 100% compatible (if not, then pretty darn close).

One of the reasons that many design professional use Mac is that Apple's monitors and screen tend to do better at accurately reproducing colors than many Windows machines. If you do go with a Windows computer, then make sure you get one with a good screen (for a laptop) or get a higher end monitor that is aimed at professionals. Of course, this assumes you are doing stuff that requires color accuracy.

Some of it is "inertia". Older design professional grew up on Macs, so they are used to Macs. Those folks are likely the owners/management of graphic design firms or faculty teaching graphic design, so they likely pick what they are used to using.

Kind of like someone who using Windows generally does not like using Mac as they are used to using Windows.

I got an HD tv hooked up via hdmi so I think I'm good in the screen department. I was wondering why they used mac's I mean i can see how thats a good reason but honestly i think you could get a good screen and pretty nice windows pc for less then a mac. Thank you for clearing up that hackintosh thing for me.

I heard that man. I love me some linux but somethings just better off using windows or mac if i had that. I would use mac other then it cost a bunch and i haven't seen any well working hackintosh computers yet.