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Has anyone metered their bandwidth usage from the One?
The reason I ask: I have the 30GB HomeFusion LTE Broadband service from Verizon. I have exceeded my allotment and I'm now paying by the GB (I have turned it completely off).
I have noticed the following bandwidth usages since install and I have not used video on demand:
On the first day, I used 6.8GB.
It seems when I install a new game, I'm getting massive downloads (for patches).
Any help would be appreciated!

I’m not a gamer, but I sure as hell hope this isn’t your only option for Internet service. Are you stuck with HomeFusion as your only choice?
Gaming over a connection subject to those data caps isn’t very economical

It’s my only “fast” option. My other option is 1.5 megabit DSL. I don’t think the usage is from multiplayer gaming online. It’s the updates and other system usage (not video) I can’t figure out. Online gaming is just a small stream of data, unless that has changed.
It makes me wonder if the Xbox gameplay uploads are massive in size.

Ah, DSL, what was once the bane of my existence
I was lucky if the DSL line I had dropped only 3 times a day. I can see exactly why you don’t want that. Anyway, as for limiting system updates and whatever may be the culprit, I really have no idea – I did find a post somewhere just now that suggests using a computer and bridging the Internet connection through it to the Xbox whilst using a program limiting data after x amount of data’s been pushed through
I dunno anything about the router they give for HomeFusion, but I’d imagine it has a setting to restrict usage, doesn’t it?