View Full Version : Show us your next-gen gaming setup!

Have a PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii? Perhaps a Wii U or Ouya? What about that dusty Dreamcast that still gets the occasional playtime when you're itching for a round of Jet Set Radio? Well, with the introduction of the PS4 and Xbox One, there's a good chance your AV setup just got (or is about to get) a good deal more complicated. Our support manager, Chao Li (http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/19/4466542/verge-favorites-chao-li), lamented this week that she had no idea where her newest toy — the rather massive Xbox One — would go. Have you figured out where you're going to put yours?

So, readers, show us your next-gen gaming setup! Have you figured out how it's all going to fit together, like a thousand-dollar jigsaw puzzle, or are you still working through the logistics? Do you have a PS4 dangling off the side of your AV rack, waiting for a spot to open up? Are you retiring your last-gen consoles already or waiting a year or two? Drop in your photos below.

That’s pretty cool. Where is the Xbox located?

How can you not like that? I mean the apartment looks like shit, but the set up is awesome

little screen
based on the location of the doors, probably sitting far away
ugly paint job
ugly doors and molding
awkward as hell placement