View Full Version : XBoxONE: Digital vs Disc. Pros/Cons, Pricing discussion

So I have my XBoxOne and I'm trying to figure out something more concrete as far as digital vs disc.
There's a number of websites out there but the timeline, the infamous 180 from MS, and other factors make them less than convincing.
I'm thinking I'll go digital -> for fast game switching, no need to track down CD's, and hopefully the upcoming shift in what you're able to do with digital sharing, etc. I'm really excited for some of the things that were announced (and then pulled), and honestly quite pissed off at the vocal tools who stole my true next-gen experience away with their complaints. That said, the only drawback right now is the inability to match pricing of disc specials. I can get a game for $45/$49 on amazon but still paying full price digitally? I know $10-15 isnt a ton, but it's a good 25% of the price and that starts to be a factor.

Is the digital advantage actually going to materialize? Even the digital used sales? Will disc-based purchases have a way to lock a disc to a console to obtain the same advantage?
Again, the more i think about it the more incensed I get at the 180 from MS. The press did a HORRIBLE job covering that story, with The Verge just as much at fault for throwing their hands up in the air instead of figuring out the actual reasoning behind it.
Any thoughts? Anyone already made one of these choices for a specific reason?

I was hoping that by the XB1 going all digital they would be able to decrease pricing of games. Since the 180 it’s only going to keep game prices at their current level. Basic math tells me that developers would of reduced digital pricing at some point. Think about it….Sell game for $60…you resell for $30, and that guy resells it for $20. That’s $50 the publisher doesn’t ever see. If the publisher sells it digitally for $40 then they get 3 sales for $120. The only problem I had with the XB1 policies was that the digital costs as much as the hard copy (I suppose that may of been because of the Family Sharing and 1 resell rules).
If they would of said, “Digital downloads cost $40 (but you can’t resell them) and hard copies cost $60 (but you can resell them)” would seem like the fair way to go. I don’t know how hard that is to implement, though.

When you sell your car, make sure you give the money to the car maker since they won’t see no profit from it!!!

Maybe I’m more for choice than the average user. I would of liked both options as I noted above. The digital download that I noted above would be cheaper. If you don’t want digital go for the physical copy. I never realized that choice can be seen as bad, but I guess you just proved that.