View Full Version : Problem starting up after latest update

I am writing here on behalf of a friend who is not physically near me. I am also not a very seasoned macbook user (only got one recently), which makes it hard for me to guide her through anything.

My friend who has a ~4 year-old macbook 13" updated the OS recently. However, after the update, the macbook became really laggy and the computer seems to be always loading something (with the rainbow wheel cursor). She could not do much with the computer (she wants to back up files into an external harddrive but it's too laggy) and there is also a noticeable clicking noise coming from the computer which wasn't there prior to the update.

Any suggestions to how she can resolve this? Is this a hardware issue (seeing that there is clicking noises from the computer)? Any ways she could back up her files before sending it for repair or something?

A clicking noise does not sound good I would recommend trying to get into an Apple Store to have that looked at. With the slowness this might help http://support.apple.com/kb/PH10798. It would be a good idea to do a recent backup. Sometimes there can be a preexisting issue with the HD that can go unnoticed until something like a OS upgrade

my friend got it sent to Apple Store. Turn out the hard drive and batt was dying.