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Ok so here's the deal. When the PS4 and the Xbox One were announced I pre-ordered both of them on Amazon. I knew at the time that the chances of me keeping both pre-orders were slim but I currently have both a 360 and a PS3 and couldn't make a decision which I wanted for the next gen. Now that the release date is getting closer I really need to decide which I actually want to buy. For the current gen of consoles I've always preferred the 360 over the PS3. I had the 360 first and really only got the PS3 for the blu-ray player at the time. I preferred the controller on the 360 and always felt like games ran just a little bit better on the 360 than the PS3. I don't play online much with either so the whole Xbox Live vs. PSN never really mattered much to me.
For the next gen of consoles I'm currently leaning towards the PS4 mainly because I have no use for all the multimedia features of the Xbox One. All of my TV/Movie watching is done through a separate HTPC so I wouldn't be taking advantage of any of the TV watching features of the Xbox One. Basically all I want to use the system for is gaming. That being said, am I right in thinking the PS4 is the better choice? I've looked at the list of exclusives for each console and honestly there isn't much on either side that is so appealing it sways my decision. I do like that the PS4 seems to be more indie game friendly and I also like that from a tech spec standpoint the PS4 seems to be a little superior. All that being said I'm still not 100% sure which to get and would love some outside input. I know it's next to impossible to tell which will be better until after they have both been on the market for a while, but I really want to get one of them at launch. In a perfect world I'd just get both but unfortunately my finances won't currently allow that.

From a pure gaming perspective only you can answer that question. They’re close enough in performance that it doesn’t matter which one is “more powerful”. You’re not going to be able to tell a difference during use. You have to decide which games you want to play and use their historical platform affinity to predict their future platform affinity. Then its a crapshoot. There will be games announced that you don’t even know you want yet, let alone which platform they will be for. Buy the console based on the secondary factors like multimedia functions because it’s all you have to judge on.

Actually it does.
For now, we know all launch PS4 games will run at 1080p 60FPS, while there have been rumors that Xbox games such as COD Ghosts and Titanfall will run on 720 60FPS and Microsoft did not confirm if their games will run at 1080P or not.
Plus, when it comes to exclusives, it does matter A LOT which console is stronger in terms of hardware. Take The Last Of Us and Uncharted as examples of how Naughty Dog can maximize the potential of hardware.

Naughty dog alone is good enough reason for a ps4 purchase

They really aren’t “close enough” in performance no matter what way you look at it, the PS4 has 50% more raw GPU power with a significantly better memory architecture. We’ve already got some fairly strong evidence of 3rd party launch game graphical discrepancies between the two systems in CODGhosts and Battlefield 4.
From a purely gaming standpoint go for the console which has the games you want!
Expect 3rd party games to be technically better on ps4 though.