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So polling the hivemind here..
I had a first gen Xbox 360, it RROD'd in the first 3 years and I had it replaced under warranty. It worked well for another few years then RROD'd again. I did the x-clamp fix on it and it came back to life. I didn't use it for a few months and it RROD'd again today.
So... I still have a good handful of games for it that I haven't finished yet that I'd like to finish and i see that the Xbone isn't backwards compatible... is it worth it for me to buy a new Xbox now? Anyone think there will be any exceptional deals on black friday? If I get one I'd rather just get a 360 E since the price difference right now isn't that much but since there's no backwards compatibility and they just redesigned it again I'm not expecting any crazy deals...

New or lightly used. If you feel cool with it, looking for a local or a friends, mint 360 slim to buy might be good.
I didn’t know much about the e until I just searched it.. Seem like the slim might be bit better value. cnet (http://reviews.cnet.com/consoles/microsoft-xbox-360-e/4505-10109_7-35789091.html)
I’m keeping an eye out in my area myself.

Gamestop has good deals on refurbs you can return. Also the craigslist xbox 360 market is a buyers market, I tried selling one on there for dirt cheep and never once got an offer and just gave up after a week.

If you can wait, i think you may want to wait until people get the X1 and really start selling their old xbox with games and stuff dirt cheap. A lot of people are still keeping their x360 to have something to play on.IMO i wouldn’t try to get a new xbox 360 these days, a used one will be very cheap and last you long enough.