View Full Version : What if the "Big Three" wasn't just three anymore?

By the big three, I mean Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony. The three champions of the gaming industry. But what if companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, Asus, etc (our average tech companies that manufacture out smartphones and PCs) started blowing up the console industry with new entries? Sure, we have the Ouya (There's a rumored Ouya 2.0, 2014!) and the upcoming Steam Box (Let's not forget Xbox One & PS4! Will Nintendo release a new console following the fantastic but poorly selling Wii U?), but that's not much. So yeah, what's your thoughts? Would it be great or would it just cause the companies to lose millions of dollars in hardware & software that consumers will find no-good?

Doubt something like that will happen this generation or the next. All 3 of the “Big 3” have managed to not only build up an ecosystem around their respective platforms, but also have franchises and IP spanning back to their first generation consoles that customers who purchase them connect and identify with (Mario/pokemon, Halo, Kingdom Hearts/Just Cause/God of war, etc). The power of those franchises extends past those consoles and into other forms of media and merchandising as well. In addition to their individual franchises and IP, the Big 3 (sony, MS and to a far lesser extent this gen, Nintendo) are able to take advantage of cross platform games.
To upset that and gain any noteworthy marketshare, not only does a new system have to offer competitive graphics, cross platform games, and an ecosystem, but a new franchise that people will immediately gravitate too. Ouya failed massively for a number of reasons, but the one of the biggest thing it failed at is games- there was a lack of any game that offered the kind of depth or rich experience that you would find on a console, due to it’s reliance on Android phone and tablet games. Sure you could use an emulator forNES-PS1 games, but the average consumer doesn’t want to muck about with such things.
The other thing to take into account that anyone going into the console market is going to have to throw in a ton of money behind their platform, in addition to a large amount of time before they see any real profit. Just seeing how long of a duration the PS3 and 360 were sold at a loss, makes me doubtful that any company like Samsung or Asus would jump into the market anytime soon. While steambox looks compelling and has generated lots of hype, it stands to see if it will offer the ease of use the current gen of products offers, and can offer an experience & ecosystem that’s interesting enough to create actual marketshare beyond a small niche.

Apple might not enter the console market again after the Pippin, but Microsoft is using the Xbox as a trojan horse to own the living room so that may change. Google might also do the same. Samsung is the only company that would really shake up the console market because they are South Korean, a.k.a. the land on P.C. Gaming and could get almost all of the worlds most popular MMORPGs and then some as exclusives. Samsung does a lot more than phones, they have tons of money and can advertise it like crazy.

Back in the dinosaur days where bits where proudly displayed there where many odd companies makeing consoles and loseing money on them. The only company I would like to see enter the console market is Sega, but that’s as likely as pokemon on the ps vita.

No i don’t see anyone really jumping into the market on there own. It is currently a big mountain to climb to reach a ecosystem that would compare with the “big 3”.
Even if they did they would almost be forced to create a machine that would be so similar to the XB1 and PS4 because they would need to make it super enticing for 3rd party devs to get there game on the system. But then they would need a really big hook to sway people away from the trusted console ecosystems to an unproven one.
But I do see hardware manufactures jumping on the steam band wagon. I believe this will be the 4th player. its going to be a slow burn for the steam box and OS but they will have this whole next gen to gain steam(pun intended?). I pretty sure steam knows they can’t force there way into this market and that is why the OS is free.
I’m getting tried of generations and pushing out the “old” in favor of the “new” shiny. If steam can find a way to make all/most windows games playable on their OS they’ll be golden.