View Full Version : Are purchases tied to your battle.net account?

I purchased a boxed copy of StarCraft 2 a while back. I'm trying to install it on my new computer and it's asking for a serial code...

I through the box out. I figured battle.net was like Steam. Do you think there's anyway I can access the license with my account or do I need to buy a new license?

It binds your cd-key to your battle.net user account, it shouldn’t ask for any sort of key or account though, not before you’re all patched and inside the game.
I have the boxed copy too, but considering it requires a ton of patching, i’d sugest you download the latest setup from us.battle.net, if you’re not sure about your e-mail or password you can recover all that from their website too.
Oh and their ticket support system is really fast, so if you have any further issues use that.