View Full Version : Choosing a Next-Gen console. Without having a PS3 or Xbox 360.

For most people choosing a new gaming console will be pretty easy, if you have a PS3 or a Xbox 360, you'll probably chose the next generation of that console you already have (And if not, at least you know why you're switching) But that's not my case. Let me explain it to you.
For years I was a huge gamer, I had tons of videogames for the Playstation 2, I had played with the original Playstation, and I even remember the days when I tried my first analog Dualshock Controller with Joysticks... But then, in 2006, the Playstation 3 came out. I thought that I could stay on the PS2 for some years and then, after maybe 2 or 3 years buy the slim version. But that moment never arrived, and then, suddenly without even realising It was 2011. By that time, some people was saying that maybe the PS4 could appear at that year's E3, so I waited, year after year. Trying to avoid buying a console when the new one was about to come out.

And I waited. Probably too much, because it was already the 20th of February of this year. The day when Sony presented their PS4.
So I had a new objective. Buy the PS4. But then, Microsoft showed the Xbox One, and the E3 arrived, and I was like "I don't know which one is better!"
So that's why I'm here. To ask: If you never had a PS3 or a Xbox 360, would you choose the Xbox One or the PS4?
I don't care about that things of "If you buy a Xbox, the [_Insert Security Agency Here_] will be watching and hearing you..." And also, I don't care about retrocompatibility, because as you know, I don't own any current console game.

I have both Xbox 360 and PS3 right now. I don’t prefer either in absolutely terms. Both have advantages.

I prefer single-player games on PS3 (thanks to their exclusives).
I prefer benefits of Playstation Plus (free games, but Xbox 360 has that too now and XB1 will probably too) over benefits of Xbox Live Gold.
I prefer multi-player gaming on Xbox.
I prefer apps on Xbox and I absolutely prefer Xbox UI.
I prefer Xbox gamepad over PS3.

Xbox 360 offers better experience but Sony exclusives are the best games of the generation – at least when it comes to single player. On the other hand not many games (and especially those from Sony) can compete with Halo or Forza for multi-player gameplay.
When it comes to consoles, your core decision should be made based on games. Which do you prefer? What are your favorite titles of all time? What do you think of exclusives coming to both platforms?
Do you have kids? If you do, Kinect is definitely a big deal.
Do you use any of services offered by Sony or Microsoft? SkyDrive, Skype, Xbox Music, Bing are integrated into Xbox One. What about Sony Music Unlimited? Also, what country do you live in? Do you have cable TV?

They have confirmed that games with gold will not carry on with the Xbox One.
Also the game offerings were terrible, the same month Sony offers the less than year old Assassins Creed 3 Microsoft offered Assassins Creed 2, released in 2009.

Well you may not like this but I would suggest waiting a little bit longer. While a lot has been said about the new console we really now very little on how the devices will actually function. Most of the info we have is just bullet points of the features from Marketing reps.
I say let them out into the wild were you can see these without having to put on the PR tinted glasses. if you can’t wait flip a coin, you’ll be happy with either.