View Full Version : Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 Poll - Which one are you going to buy?

ve decided to post a poll across several forums and social networks to gauge which next generation console has the upper hand currently, as well as which platforms people are coming from at the moment. I'll be posting my findings over the next week or two.

All you’re going to do is start a war of words. Not wise

I’ve sat on the fence too long and missed the day one guarantee, so I’m going to wait and see how it pans out. Xbone looks like the bigger package of games and services, the PS4 looks like the more streamlined option.
I initially owned a 360 last gen, but always had trouble with noise and cut-outs. Bought the PS3 at launch and stuck with that.

I’ve always been with the xbox. I decided to keep my faith in the Microsoft they seen to finally be realizing that it is truly one of their best products and they are taking steps to really improve its experience for everyone, I like that.
We’ve always gotten all the consoles within about a year of launch but I’m not with my parents anymore, so it’s time for me to make the choice.
And I’m going with the xbox one :)

That’s great! Glad you could pick the console that fit perfectly for you. I myself am going with the PS4. I dabbled with the 360 over the past three years but have been a lifelong PlayStation/PC gamer. That extra $100 I have post purchase to buy an extra game or controller or two years of PS+ is a nice addition.