View Full Version : Email - Is It Html?

I have just recently changed service providers and now have Outlook Express. When someone sends me an email it looks fine on the screen but when I print, it comes out with <DIV><FONT> face=Arial and all sorts of other stuff among the wording of my received email

In fact a four sentence email can take two pages of paper to print. Is this an HTML issue (not that I know anything about that). Can I configure my emails?

This is with all emails not just from a specific person. I have had to copy and paste to notepad to have a short readable email - but it seems odd that i just can't copy the email(with headers) as sen on the screen.

You may wish to change OE to showing E-mails as plain text if you are having problems with copying the text easily to another application.

Thanks for the quick reply. I changed my outlook express to plain text and grabbed an old email from my saved box and printed it. It still came through the printer with all the tags? throughout it. Do I need to wait for a new email to try it? Could it be that I need to configure my printer somehow?

As mentioned, when I had aol, I just clicked print and the email as seen on the screen came through the printer exactly. Hmm. I appreciate all help.