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I use Firefox v. To control cookies I can accept or not, if I accept I can keep until they expire, keep until session is ended, or ask every time.

I have it set to ask every time, but this is rather annoying. What are the risks of choosing one of the other options or of not accepting cookies? Thanks.

Well, many cookies are perfectly harmless, and aid in navigating sites, logging in, retaining personal preferences (when I look at Border's, for example, the site already knows the three nearest stores so I can check their instock on a book I wish to buy). If you accept no cookies, you will have to deal with these problems every time you revisit some of your websites.

you can also tell Firefox which sites are OK to accept cookies for the session (or NOT); using this feature will reduce the number of decisions you need to make.

Personally, I prefer to leave that box unchecked, and use the Exceptions... button.
If it's a site I trust, I'll add it to the Exceptions list.
That way, only those sites can set cookies.
In the Address of web site: box, type in the URL of the site you want to allow cookies from.
Click the Allow button.
When your done, click the Close button.
Now, that site, will always be allowed to set cookies.