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My husband purchased a new lap top a couple weeks ago and is already getting errors with Vista. I have to use my old reliable to look up the problem solution. I have seen that this is a common error but I haven't found a really good solution. The error is a windows error that states

internet explorer has stopped working
A problem caused by the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available..

This happens as soon as the program is opened.

How irritating. How could you check for notification if you can't use the internet?

My husband states that he can get around the error by right clicking on IE and open it as an administer. Anyway to fix this?


Welcome to the wonderful world of Vista..................!

As a suggestion, you could just do away with IE 7 and download and install a different browser, ie, Firefox or even Opera.

This ussually is caused by a entity in your startup, or a plugin/ActiveX thats giving this conflict.

Go to start> Type msconfig in start search> go to Startup/Services tab looking for "omnipage" and stop it.

Go to start> Control pannel> Internet options> General tab> click Delete> and then click delete all.
Program tab> manage add-ons> and look for any suspicious plugins or activX and stop them>
Advanced tab and reset internet explorer settings.

There was no omnipage but I was led to a whole new area that I didn't know much about. I deleted a couple of add ons after finding out what they were and it is working now. It amazes me how much crap is on his store bought computer. I delete 2 "programs" everytime I mess with the computer. Too bad the big chains didn't see a crap free computer along with their anti virus.