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I like to use the search companion because it gives me a list of results on the left of the window, and when I click on a result it opens on the right of the window but I retain my list of results on the left, so I can click on the others if I am not finding what I am looking for.
I know how to change the preferences so I can use different search engines but I can't figure out hoe to select google.
I have just re-installed Windows and prior to that I had Google there but I am buggered if I can figure out how I did it. I really want it back but it doesn't seem to be in the list of possible choices...
Any ideas on how I did it before?

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To have more search engines, click on the Icon in the search engine Address Bar, then click on Manage Search Engines.
In the box that opens, click on the link Get More Search Engines.
On that page, click on the Search Engines you would like, and follow any additional instructions.

Thanks for the response, but I don't think that is the answer with IE.
There doesn't appear to be an option for getting more search engines.

I am sorry I didn't think to include this info before, but I only have IE6 and cannot upgrade. I followed that link you posted but obviously it wouldn't work for me as it was for IE7.
Really do appreciate the help and any more ideas you might have.
Its not the end of the world if I don't get it but I would REALLY like it the way it was 2 days ago. The annoying thing is that I must have done it by accident in the first place as I never actually set out to do it on purpose!