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hi tech geek

recently downloaded latest up dates on my mac book pro followed the usual procedures restarting etc then silver screen with an apple and nowt else, any ideas would be eternally grateful for.

my other problem with my imac can we address later as im easily confused with it all


So the MacBook Pro is stuck on the silver apple screen?

Can you boot into recovery mode ok? To do that you hold down the Apple key and R at the same time after restarting until you see the spinning gear. Then from there go into Disk Utility and repair disk and disk permissions for "Macintosh HD" (select it in the list on the left). If the computer is stuck at the silver screen, hold down the power button until the computer goes off and then boot holding down Apple+R. The recovery mode may not work if your system is too old, in that case you will need the appropriate OS X install disc and I'd need to know the model number to find the correct OS version.

If that doesn't work, you might need to do a format and reinstall. To do that, in Disk Utility select Macintosh HD and go to the Erase tab and erase the drive. Then close Disk Utility and reinstall OS X by following the onscreen prompts. Now this will remove ALL data - so make sure it's what you want to do and know the implications of doing an erase and install of the OS but it's guaranteed to fix your problem if your computer's hardware is intact.

I'd be interested in knowing the problem with the iMac.

I did tell him that it would erase all data....

Usually as an Apple Specialist, I see gray bars as a result of OS corruption, hence the repair disk or reinstallation of the operating system. Especially after a big software update.

Just remember before doing a format and install, ALL your data will be erased. Hope you have a backup before doing this.

The Gray, Blue or White screen at boot, w/spinner/progress bar can be caused by many things. Try these tips before an erase and install.

The above was linked from ..Step by Step to fix your Mac by ds store at the Apple Support Communities forum.

had to format and reinstall thanks for all the help guys :thumbsup2: i got there in the end :rolleyes: seems the corruption may have occurred during an update and the internet connection dropped out for a short period whilst updating ,exactly the same thing happened on my imac recently but this restarted after several reboots