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I have a problem downloading my pictures from my canon Powershot A530.

Just started after having some work done.

I hear a faint beep when I hook up the cable but nothing happens I have installed the cd that came with it.

I would just pull the card, and use a USB card reader to pull the files. Also you do not need to install any software that came with the camera, the computer will read the files off of the camera without it.

Have you tried fresh batteries in the camera, along with a different USB cord? Have you tried hooking the camera up to another computer to see if it shows up in My Computer as a drive? What is the make & model of your computer, and what Operating System are you using.

The whole Powershot / Sureshot series are excellent and reliable pocket cameras which take excellent photos. We currently have three of them, of different vintages. And they all came with software and a connecting USB cable. I tried the software and promptly binned it. Transferring images using the software and the cable was a slow process and really drained the camera batteries.

As Greg says, the simplest - and quickest - way to transfer images from the camera card to a computer is to use a card reader connected to the computer. All you need then is to use Windows Explorer to move the files around. If you have a laptop, almost all modern laptops have an SD card reader built into them. Take the card out of the camera - do it with the bottom upwards or the batteries fallout - and push it into the SD slot either on a laptop or on a separate card reader which connects to a USB socket on virtually any computer.

If you don't have a card reader built into your computer, they are readily and widely available. I got mine for about ŁUK 6.00 in my local super market. The other advantage of using a card reader is that it eliminates any problems with the camera.