View Full Version : Help installing English version over German version


My new computer was given to me with Windows 7 Professional German version installed.

I just want to overwrite it with my English Home Premium edition but do I need to format the drive first or remove the existing version? When I try to install it says the drive doesn't have enough space (because of the existing OS).

Two thoughts. The first is why don't you just try changing the language settings on your existing installation ? As I remember, if you use a Windows repair disc the first thing you are asked is to choose your language and keyboard. You can get full instructions on how to create a Windows repair disc here :


No guarrantees it will work, but if it does it saves you a lot of work !

I have Win 7 Home Premium and the complete Windows folder is 27 Gb. This is quite a lot, but I am surprised that you are being told you don't have room to install it. I would expect any new laptop to have at least a 250 GB hard drive. But if you are determined to put Win 7 HP on your laptop, I think you are going to have to remove the Pro version first. Just back up any data you have on the computer before you start !