View Full Version : Error ApvxdWin.exe missing rtl120.bpl need help!

rtl120.bpl is missing ,try to reinstall the programe to fix. On the bar of the message in say C:/ ApvxdWin.exe

How do I fix this I think it has something to do with panda anti-virus not sure.

First, Re:rtl120.bpl - Do you have a program called "TuneUp Utilities 2010." installed ?? If you do, please uninstall it now -

Next, Re: C:/ ApvxdWin.exe - Yes this is part of Panda Security System. Did you have, or do you have this installed ??
This could just be asking you to remove a program like TuneUp Utilities, or causing a conflict with another antivirus or firewall program.

If you are now using another Antivirus program, or firewall combination, Panda Security can be, and should be, safe to remove also -

If this is constantly giving you error messages, I would remove the Panda Program and install another antivirus, then use the Windows7 Firewall

we have the same problem and i managed to overcome this.just download the panda uninstaller then you will get relief from that problem.
i post my experienced with this problem on my blog at http://profitablewrite-ups.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-to-uninstall-panda-cloud-antivirus.htm (http://profitablewrite-ups.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-to-uninstall-panda-cloud-antivirus.html)