View Full Version : BSOD while torrenting due to NETIO.SYS

So... NETIO.SYS, DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and error code 0xd1
The BSOD occurs randomly while torrenting. It could be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

Things I've tried with no luck:

Updated LAN driver from motherboard manufacturer's website
Switching from latest version of uTorrent to latest version of BitTorrent
Scanned system for viruses

You can find the crash dump files inside C:\Windows\Minidump folder. Copy all the files located in that folder and zip them to a single file. Disable the "User Account Control" if you encounter a permission error. We need at least a minimum of three dumps to find a pattern. Attach the zipped dump with the next reply. If the file size is larger than 512KB, upload the zipped dumps to a free file hosting site and post the download link to it.

BSOD which blames NETIO.SYS could be caused by either one of the below reasons.

Third party firewall program messing with the network driver.
Network monitoring programs.
Outdated network card driver.
Download manager programs.
Clash between IPv4 and IPv6 caused by Microsoft "Teredo tunneling adapter".

In your case, there is no third party firewall programs are present but a network monitoring software is seems to be installed. Also the Ethernet driver is outdated. Please follow the below steps.

Thanks a bunch. Just updated the ethernet driver. I've been using Networkx, a program to monitor upload/download usage. Come to think of it - I had no blue screens before I installed the program and have always had it on during torrenting. This is most likely the issue. I'm going to test torrenting (legal files as always) just for yucks, and if I get another BSOD I'll try turning off / uninstalling the program. I'll report back if I find the solution or if I still have the bsods.

EDIT 1 - BSOD after updating ethernet driver. Now attempting with Networkx not running but still installed.

Turning off won't remove it's kernel mode driver. Please uninstall it at least as a a test.