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I have installed Windows 98 on an old HP Pavilion ze1210 laptop with 512MB of RAM, and My Computer shows two 3.5" floppy drives. This computer does not have a floppy drive installed, and clicking on either drive icon will cause the computer to freeze. The floppy drive controller has a yellow exclamation mark next to it in Device Manager with a code 12 error. I'll have to start that computer to see exactly what resources it claims are not available. If I boot the computer with a USB floppy drive connected, the USB floppy drive appears as drive A: and drive B: does not appear. How could I solve this issue?

I don't have it connected to the internet, and I don't see any need to.

This is the exact message in Device Manger:

"This device cannot find any free Input/Output Range (I/O) resources to use."

I've accidentally highlighted the icons a few times, which forced me to restart.

All I can do in the BIOS is change the boot order and set the date and time.

I guess Henny Youngman would've said "don't click on them". :wink: But maybe you could go into the BIOS and disable them. Worth a try. But Windows 98? Really? I hope you don't try getting on the Internet with that.

Good luck.

Unfortunately that model seems to have a ridiculously minimal BIOS, without any option to disable the FDD controller (Pg 49).


That's normally what you'd do, and it would solve the issue of the phantom floppy drives. (An internal single drive configuration always has a virtual B: drive so disks can be copied using the single drive.)

I'm thinking you should be able to bring up the properties for the FDD controller in Device Manager, and check the "Not used in this configuration" option.

I have had the floppy controller disabled for a while, and it never solved the problem.

Also, there is one unknown device in Device Manager. That could be related to this issue. I need to find the driver for that device and for the Conexant CX20468-21 audio/modem chip. The VIA AC'97 driver works for audio, but the sound quality is horrible. This computer uses the VIA KN133 chipset with the VT8231 southbridge, and I already have all of the VIA drivers installed.