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Im having problems with blue screen im new here and i want to learn how to get my computer working again. All it shows is the blue screen but i dont know how to fix it

What is the exact error message on the blue screen?

There aren't any details mentioned here so, here is what is usually wrong in blue screen cases though by the way the error is also commonly known as the ERROR OF DEATH

, just open up your computer, unplug your rams if there are multiple rams unplug them all. Clean them with some cloth, clean the dust inside your computer if there is any. Now plug them both, and start your system and see if the blue screen disappeared, if its still there, then open up your computer again, Now if there are two rams lets suppose you name ram1 'x' and ram '2' y. Unplug ram 'x' first and try running your computer on only y [note:keep x unplugged] and see if it works. If the blue screen is still present unplug y and plug x. see if the blue screen disappeared. Now if your computer worked with x, don't plug y again and if computer works with y don't plug x again.

Note:- If your computer worked with lets suppose x, and you go ahead and plug y again, the ram will damage the motherboard too that will be very more costly.

If the problem still is there, I strongly recommend you go and visit a professional with your computer, if you don't it will further and greater damage your computer.

Usually no damage will be caused by a blue screen of death, it appears to warn you of a condition that may damage the computer. So a blue screen does not damage your computer, in fact, it actually prevents your computer from damaging itself more.

Arthur, who told you that a blue screen is commonly caused by dirty or bad ram? This would just the computer to beep and not boot at all. Who told you that Blue screens will cause further damage? Finally, Many of us are professionals. Many heads are better that one. Especially when fixing computers.

I can tell you are an amateur when it comes to this. Not only do I have more experience and posts, but you didn't even realize the difference between a Win95 to Win ME bsod and a WinNT and up bsod, In Win 95 up until Windows ME, A bsod is equivalent to an error message, you just need to press a button to exit back. Win NT and up has a bsod screen that requires the computer to be restarted. The OP's computer is a Win 95/98/ME, meaning it is a recoverable blue screen A.K.A a BLUE SCREEN ERROR, not a bsod. And about the computer damage thing, It is possible, But in over hundreds of BSoDs, I've only seen two cases where damage was caused after a bsod. Finally, "noob" is a horrible word choice in a professional conversation. If you mean "Newbie", than you are wrong. I can obviously tell you have no experience in Win 95/98/ME (you are giving instructions for a WinNT or up os) while me, my first computer was a windows 95.