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Is there a browser that is windows 98 friendly? I really don't want to use ie6, or any internet explorer.

SeaMonkey and Firefox give me a page fault when i run the installer but netscape works, any way to get firefox to work?

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For more information see KernelEx Wiki.

The best modern browsers for Windows 98/ME, tested on Inspiron 8000, (256K MB RAM), with the above software is as follows, (in my opinion Best-Worst):

SeaMonkey 2.0.14 - Very stable, best YouTube videos at 360P resolution, no script errors.
Firefox 3.6 - Very stable, great YouTube videos, especially at 144P resolution, no script errors.
Opera 11.63 & Opera 12.02 - Very stable, great YouTube videos, no script errors. A little bit slow, but solid.
Firefox 4-9 - Great YouTube videos, no script errors. Sometimes gives a crash error when closing, but still very good experience to run. Firefox 3.6 & 4.0 will give you this message on YouTube that the browser is too old and not supported, but presently it will run Flash Player fine.
K-Meleon - Some script errors, but will run YouTube videos fine. Great alternative.
Netscape 9 - About the same experience as K-Meleon.

Internet Explorer 6 & Opera 9.6 - Forget them!

Firefox 2.0 - Cannot use YouTube, Flash Player, but made for Windows 98, and SOLID for searches.

Fun, not for YouTube Videos - Use OffByOne Browser, a functional 1 MB Browser that should work speedy with a 486 machine for just looking up something say on WIKI.
Square 1 Browser - Easy to use, but the search engine doesn't work, still works easy great on simple searches.

Which versions of those two browsers are you attempting to install?

The ones recommended by someone else in my first post are SeaMonkey 2.0.14 and Firefox 3.6.

Are those the ones you tried to install?

If so, that's as far as I can go with trying to assist. Maybe someone else will help or you might try Opera 12.02.

The last Opera version I recall working on Win 98, without it being so slow as to be unusable, was version 10 or earlier.

You can get older versions of Opera here: http://www.oldapps.com/opera.php?system=Windows_98

I never tried versions 10.01 or 10.10.