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I am new to computers and I want to know what to do to take a program off a old laptop with Windows 98 and transfer it to a newer laptop with Windows 7. The old laptop does not have a USB port and does not have CD burning ability.

With few exceptions, you will need the original install software. You can not transfer installed software due to the way software gets installed. It's just not all neatly packed into a single folder. Programs actually scatter their data all over the place. If it was possible, chances are it's not likely that software of the Win 98 era would run on Win 7. What software program is it?? You may be able to get a modern version that is Win7 compatible.

This article should clear things up: http://www.howtogeek.com/172701/why-you-cant-just-copy-a-programs-folder-to-a-new-windows-system-and-when-you-can/

If you have the software installer, simply copy it over to a USB stick and install it on your Windows 7 computer. If it doesn't work, you could try to right click it and click "Compatibility mode" and then click "Run in Windows Me/98 compatibility mode".

1 option is to network the 2 computers and copy the exe's over to the new pc.

Second option, Depending on how big the software is ( size of the exe's) you could zip them and email them to yourself. Or upload them to dropbox for example, Then download them to the new PC.

98% this person is right. But in the 98% there are rare cases where it's a program that is self-contained in a folder and in that case you have a few options:



Upload to a storage service (Dropbox)