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When XP is starting programs in the tool bar (near the clock) I get a popup message that firewall is not running. When I check security center it says firewall is on. I use Avira for my anti-virus. Firewall is grayed out in the avira control panel normally. When I turn off the windows firewall in security center the Avira firewall button is still grayed out. Happens every time I start XP. Thanks for your help - Mystified

I would prefer to use the avira firewall with Microsoft ending support for XP.

Which one do you want to run? (don't run both, they can/will conflict)

Do this;

Start-Control Panel- d-click Security Center.

Under "Manage security settings for:", click Windows Firewall.

Turn OFF the firewall, click OK.

Under Security Settings, the Firewall area will now have a button called 'Recommendations', click it.

Check the box that says "I have a firewall solution that I'll monitor myself" and click OK.

Now turn on the Avira firewall. You should no longer get Windows Firewall nags. You may have to reboot for all the changes to set properly.