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i have a Compaq mini notebook that's running xp and apparently according to hp when I first used the machine I would have been instructed to make a recovery disk? not sure how as it doesn't have an optical drive.

anyhow it looks as though there is usually a partition in the hard drive for recovery but I have looked at every way possible to see if there is one and I have to say ive never found one, to top it off hp no longer support this model so there is no recovery disk/usb dongle available

what I want to do is sell this on as while it only has xp on it its more than capable of running windows 7 and is by no means a slow machine, but in order to do that I want to properly remove any data off of it to safe guard myself hence the factory reset seemed like a good option, but now I cant do that does anyone have a good way I can reset this thing short of re installing windows, which while I have a disk and a legitimate licence I cant do as the licence is oem and being I want to sell it I don't think a dodgy copy of xp is going to cut it and its not worth the cost of installing a new os

any advice will be welcome

if Roxio back on track was on the netbook it certainly isn't now and ive had it from new and don't recall seeing it have tried f6 and it does nothing

so not sure what to do??

These are instructions for the HP mini but it should be the same for the Compaq. Tap F6 at when powering on the comptuer.

Go to Disk Managment. Do you see anything called a Recovery Partition?

That is normal. A 160GB drive will show as 149GB in Windows because there are 1024 bytes in a kilobyte not 1000.

1GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes (1024*1024*1024)

1,000,000,000/ 1,073,741,824 = .93

.93 * 160GB = 149GB


I was reading the link and it seems there was no recovery partition on the Mini. Only the ability to create a system image using Roxio. I am afraid the only thing you can do now is install either a linux distro or Windows 7 which uses quite a bit of disk space. You can easily go through a 100GB on Windows 7 with no problem. There may be an issue with drivers. Some of the hardware on the computer may not be supported by Windows 7.