View Full Version : Windows 7 Online lag (primarily in games)

Posted this in the windows 7 forums but the only responses I got were others with similar issues.

Been running the RC for a little over a week. Everything ran smooth and great at first. Then for some reason last night my online lag went up in all games it seems.
In web pages and online use outside of games I get great speeds out of my FiOS but once I go in games my connection is worse than dial up. I was holding steady at 60 - 70ms ping, now I go from 90 - 250 and back every few seconds.

I have run speed tests and other things over and over all getting solid speeds, web pages and downloading program patches and such all going at full tilt on my connection. I am running with 64 bit Nvidia drivers for window's 7 and have reinstalled them to no avail.

I have not installed anything other than my G15 keyboard drivers in vista compatibility mode and changed some partitions around when this started to occur. My CPU and other usage is normal at 1 - 5% idle / web browsing. Network use is normal as well.

I have tested this across 3 games so far (all I have installed) all with the same online lag spikes. Further tests have been to run the same game(s) on one of my XP computers and had no lag at all with a rock solid ping.

I do not see any network services eating bandwidth so I am not sure where to look for a solution or other troubleshooting ideas. I am at a loss since I do not notice any slowdown with patch downloads, web browsing or speed tests even more so as it was working perfectly.

Any help would be welcome as I do not want to go back to XP.

I had this problem when I installed 7057. My latency in all games doubled and I was getting disconnected from servers and my network periodically. It turned out to be a bad Wireless NIC driver. I installed a new one from Windows Update and haven't had any problems since.

run a tracert to the servers you play on. There may be a bad hop somewhere.

If that were the case, it should have affected his XP system as well. How about physical layer - bad Cat5 cable perhaps? See if the problem follows the cable when swapping it between the two rigs? Reinstall/update NIC drivers on your Win7 rig?