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Yes, I have a Window's Vista Toshiba laptop, Service Pack 2. We have fibre optic service through our local phone company and a router in the house.

I have my browsers set to open to https://www.google.com for the sole purpose of phishing prevention. If this is not what I think it is, please correct me on this first point. When I don't have a secure connection, a message pops up saying the connection isn't secure. I've assumed this was phishing. Again, is that a correct assumption? Second, when I have that message appear, often I've disconnected the router and plugged it in later, and for the most part that has 'solved' the connection problems......but, that gets old. Especially since these issues happen often multiple times a day.

My current security is Microsoft Security Essentials, which I know went obsolete with XP, but is still good with Vista (?). I also have as a back up, Emisoft Anti-Malware (free) for scanning purposes. I tried their 'Protection' which is given in the beggining on trial with Security Essentials deleted, but stopped it before it's time trial was up because of how slow it made the computer. Also, I've tried Malwarebytes Real Time Potection with similar results. I then used HitmanPro, first on free trial, than after that was over for awhile, I decided to buy into it's annual cost. HitmanPro, I have found, scare's off the 'phish'er's most of the time when I use the scanner, so I don't have to disconnect the router every time I have an issue. HitmanPro, of course, uses cloud technology, and while that in itself makes me nervous, I feel I can trust them. Cloud tech also doesn't slow the computer.

So, the question.....

How can I prevent phishing without slowing down my computer? I'm not really interested in shelling out more money. It may be little in cost, which may be okay, depending on how little. I've been pleased with HitmanPro so far.


I forgot to add something that happened today.

I was trying to scare the 'phisher' away by using HitmanPro as I've done before, and noticed in the screen where PUP's appear a very very brief message saying something about SUN CLOUD UPLOADING. Of course, it was so brief, and I wasn't really watching closely anyway, so it may have said something else........I'm just telling what I think I saw. I tried googling that, and come up with zero.


While I was writting the above info, phishing came back, so when I had finnished, I noticed the message again:

YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT PRIVATE. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from www.google.com (for example passwords, messages, or credit cards).

Happened twice today (edited post), with the first time solved by HitmanPro, and the second not.



check router settings for WPA not WEP

Seems that what you are referring to as "phishing", isn't actually phishing, and I don't know what it is you are referring to.

As far as malware and virus protection, I think Avast (free) is good, and then malware bytes for occasional scanning. Beyond that, just be careful how you browse the web and be careful about what you click on in emails and make sure not to install PUPs when you install other software, by always choosing the custom options and not simply pressing Next a bunch of times. Keep applications and windows updated and watch out for stupid toolbars and such when you update things like flash or avast.

And if you don't want a 3rd party spying on everything you do online, change your homepage to duckduckgo.com :)