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Hey guys, as the title says, dummy needs help. I have an old Dell Inspiron 531 in my shop, it has windows vista on it. A few months ago when it quit working, I saw tht the power supply fan was not running and thought this might be the problem. I took the numbers of it and found an identical one on ebay for $20. Figured it was worth $20 bucks to try and it actually worked. Fast forward 3 months and the computer is doing the same thing (not able to boot up) but in this case the power supply fan is running.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this and anything I can try. Keep in mind if you are able to help that I have zero technical knowledge about computers, I am strictly a computer user. If its something that requires R & R, I can handle that, but beyond that probably not much help.

Appreciate any thoughts or ideas, thanks in advance.

What specifically does it do when you turn it on? Does it stay on? Blank screen??

The Dell logo flashes on for a second and then just a black screen. Also, the power button on the monitor go from green to orange. I tested the monitor on another computer and it works fine. Thanks for the reply.

Anybody know this??