View Full Version : $200million too much?

Has anybody else stopped playing Draw Something?
For me and all my friends who were drawing all day when the app came out, the appeal has really worn off. Equally, its stopped making any sort of news and Angry Birds just overtook it as fastest growing app....
I just wondered whether anybody else thinks Zynga got screwed on this one....
Probably serves them right for bombarding me with Farmville requests.

I think I played it two or three times in total, but I lost interest in it really quickly. I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, and attempting art on a tiny phone screen is about as fun as attempting keyhole surgery while drunk. Some of my friends were really into it, but now they’re more into a game based on identifying logos on iOS. I’m not sure of the name (I use Android), but it’s the big trend among my friends at the moment. Given two weeks I imagine that will change again.
Zynga got screwed on this one in terms of the actual game, but they have more talent in their team now so it could pay off. If the game uses any useful technologies too, they can have those as well. It’s still a bit much, but I suppose they can afford it. Draw Something’s CEO has to be commended as well because he certainly contributed to a decline in its popularity among the more techy demographic by tweeting something which I remember annoyed a lot of people.

lasted about a week for me. the unbelievably low vocabulary count (lost count how many times i got the word “mariah”… wtf seriously?) and lack of the game really “going anywhere” were what killed it for me.
still, looking at the big picture for zynga, they’re a talented bunch over at omgpop and i’m sure they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve!

Make Balloono, and make it good, and I’ll be a happy camper! Love that wee game haha
Oh and make it for WP7 too please… :/