View Full Version : Rdio Gets Acquired Within 6 Months

Here's a bold prediction, Rdio gets acquired within the next 6 months.
time is ripe for the established, but under valued streaming music service to be bought and folded into another company's strategic content plans. Recently MOG, arguably the least known of the bunch, went to Beats. Rhapsody acquired the Napster brand, but Rhapsody also hasn't done anything news worthy or interesting in along time, I honestly can't see them around much longer and don't know if many people would care.
That leaves Spotify and Rdio as the biggest services, but Spotify's ambition is bigger than the moon following in Facebook's steps towards domination. What do you have left? Rdio, a sufficient, capable and beautifully designed service dangling out there, ripe for being bought. The same thing happened with streaming movie services a while back. Everyone wanted in the game and so Best Buy bought CinemaNow and Walmart bought Vudu. Netflix was of course too big, a la Spotify.

Apple should buy Rdio

Yep. If anyone is going to purchase Rdio, I hope it would be Apple. Rdio is my streaming-service of choice and it would be awful, for me as an Apple user, to see it be acquired by Samsung or Google. Seeing that their lead designer recently left for Facebook, I am a bit worried about their future and an acquisition may be in their cards.

No because i (and many others) would be forced to get an Apple device. Which is not my preference. I refuse to use Spotify.