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Which service would you guys say is better? I am looking at trying out either one of these services. I know both can do 320kbps over WiFi, but what about over 3G? Can you still stream 320kbps over 3G? Also, is there a radio feature for Spotify on the mobile version? I really like the sound of MOG's radio feature; and that it is included in the mobile app.

I haven’t used MOG, but I can share my experience with Spotify on iOS. Yes they have 320kbps over 3G as an option (it’s the Extreme option in settings) and there is no radio support in the app yet.
I use artist radio in the desktop Spotify app a lot, so I really hope they add it to the iOS app sometime soon.

Unfortunately MOG limits you to 64kbps AAC+ over 3G (which sounds very good considering the low bitrate, probably sounds like ~128kbps AAC). Honestly I highly doubt 320 would stream reliably over 3G anyway though. I have Spotify myself now and I even sometimes get some stoppages with the ~160kbps ogg streaming option.

Spotify streams in Ogg?