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I have a head scratcher. Using Acronis I back my hard drive up every month right after patch Tuesday. The size of the backup has always been in the region of 158 to 162 gb give or take and I keep several months worth on my backup drive. I delete the oldest one prior to adding the newest.

Backed everything up last night and double checked it today. I was surprised to see that my backup had grown from 162gb to 188gb in one month. All my other backups are in the range I described above. I don't download movies, record t.v., or anything like that. I've scoured my files over trying to indentify the culprit but no luck. I looked at last months backup in Acronis but it only lists the folder/file names and not their individual sizes, just the overal backup size. You would think an additional 26gb of data would be hard to miss but I haven't found it so far. Any ideas?? Thanks!

I think I may have found something. I set my computer to defragging last night and noticed that the system files (that the defragger can't move) seemed larger than I remembered. I clicked one of the clusters and it said that my System Volume Information was 37.7 gb! I don't recall what size it has been formerly, but does that sound right?? Is there some way that I can shrink it? Thanks!

System Volume Information is your Restore Points. Depending on the Hard Drive size, Vista sets aside a certain amount but changing the size of System Restore in Vista is more involved than Windows 7 or XP.

See here on how to find the size Vista has allotted to System Restore.

Download Windirstat to get an idea of hard drive usage.

You can use disk cleanup to clear all but the most recent Restore Point.

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Click Disc Cleanup
Now launch this utility and click More Options tab. Under which click System Restore and followed by that click Clean Up tab a message will popup -Are you sure you want to delete all but the most recent restore point?Click Yes then OK. Finally another message will popup-Are you sure you want to perform these actions?Click Yes.

Looked in control panel and system restore isn't turned on and says that I have no restore points. That Windirstat program is pretty neat. Nothing really stood out as being out of proportion, though one of my games does take quite a bit of space. Still not sure what the 37 gb of system volume info is about. Thanks for the help!

Well now, I just looked at the shadowstorage per the directions you gave me and it says "Used shadow storage space: 38.246 gb", "Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 40.43 gb", "Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: UNBOUNDED". Guess that's the culprit after all! Since I don't have system restore enabled what is using all this disk space, and what would be a reasonable level to use? The tutorial states, "If you have plenty of disk space, Id recommend leaving the values alone, but if you are running low on space, this is a quick way to help the problem." So I'm waffling between watch and see if it gets bigger or set a limit now. Thanks again!