View Full Version : On startup I have no desktop, only windows explorer, help please

As I shut down last night I got a message that something was running and would be force shut down. It happened before I could respond. this morning, I have no desktop. I was only able to get connected by opening a chrome site I had a shortcut to in my files.

I can't get to safe mode because, for a long time when I try by pressing F9, I get the window with the option, but am unable to scroll up or down. I sure hope someone can help soon.

When that window comes up it shows safe mode option, but I can't scroll up or down. Is there any way to get into safe mode from windows explorer? I don't have a desktop, so no run bar to go to msconfig...thanks for answering

You use the F8 key to open the Advanced Boot Options which is where the options for Safe Mode is located.

If you can boot into Safe Mode, do a System Restore. Use a restore point dated prior to this problem.

Click on the Start orb, then type system restore, in the results above the search box click on System Restore.

Choose a restore point prior to the problem.

You need to use the up or down key to navigate to the option you want, then press Enter to choose it.

Scrolling implies the use of a mouse to navigate on a page.

Are you saying that you can not use the up or down keyboard keys to navigate in the Advanced Boot Options?