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Hi everybody,

I have a Dell XPS Gen5 I am considering upgrading from XP to 7. I was wondering if someone could review the Windows Advisor report (attached) and tell me your thoughts. Does it appear as though the install will be non-problematic? Also, please give me your thoughts regarding 32 vs. 64 bit installation.

If it looks as though there would be no problems, I would like to dump my Raid0 configuration and install a new SSD, as well as add more ram.

Thank you,

Does Dell provide Windows 7 drivers for the system? If so, you're fine. If not, I suggest you do not upgrade.

If your computer supports more than 4 gigs of ram then you need 64 bit windows to make use of them. If it doesn't or if you won't have that much ram, I'd still probably choose 64 over 32, because some new software may require it, and I don't know of any downside to having 64 bit. You could download the official windows 7 iso and try it on the machine and see if it has issues or not before deciding to buy.