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Posted 24 November 2014 - 04:19 AM

Hi there,

I'm new to this kind of thing and not very techy when it comes to my computer but here goes!

Last night my computer told me there was an upgrade to Adobe Reader XI which I duly accepted and it downloaded. When I then went to open a PDF it took ages to load the user agreement and then it froze the screen, with the 'not responding' message. I closed it and re-opened it half a dozen times with the same thing so I decided to uninstall the Reader with the intention of re-installing the earlier version.... How wrong was I?!

First of all it took me through the steps to download, but then nothing happened when I hit the 'run' button. The next time I tried a different tact and saved the file on the desktop before running it which got me one step further, but once the window came up initialising it just froze again telling me it could not be completed and the 'not responding' message came up again. When I then went to close it it just kept freezing (even when I went to task manager and end task) so in the end I had to just restart. I tried this about three times, each with the same thing, I even tried to go to the control panel to see if there was any way of undoing my uninstall but alas, no such luck! After ejecting the battery and trying again In the end I shut it down and left it for the night, hoping someone could help me this morning as I really don't like using the Windows 8 pdf reader app thing.

Would now be a good time to mention that although I have windows 8, I don't actually use it as I can't work it so I have a shell thingy which makes the screen look likes windows 7 if that makes sense??!

I hope someone can help!

I don't know why you are having these issues with Adobe Reader, but why don't you try another PDF reader? I dumped Adobe Reader for PDF-XChange Viewer a long time ago. IMHO, it is smaller, lighter and better than Adobe's bloated reader. You should give it a try.

Agree to what Agouti has said. Try a better alternative. I personally use Foxit Reader. Again, it's light and robust. Good luck!

I personally use SumatraPDF, I don't claim it's the best in its job, but it is what I need, a simple PDF reader with no "advanced" settings. It's neither bloated nor its install performs adware-bundle.