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Photoshoppers don't have to worry about me. I have tried to shrink a photo to use as an avatar and when I do shrink it to lets say 80x80 pixels and save it it creates an image that still has the rest of the blank page which makes it un-usable. When I crop it and save it it does the same thing.

How do I save an image and not have the rest of the blank space saved also?


Hello tazmo8448

When you save the file be sure to save it as a "png" file, that should solve your problem.

If you have access to Paint Shop Pro, I could guide you step by step on how to do that, but other programs work much the same way.

PS. It may help others here to give you some more information if you could tell us If you are running Windows "paint" or "Paint.net".

Thanks I finally went to youtube and found a tutorial. What I was doing wrong was when I 'Resized' I was saving the whole thing rather than the 'Cropped' version. I caught a little grief from the admin here because I used an avatar that would fit and it had the f bomb in it. So I high tailed it to youtube.

Yes sir I am using windows paint in accesories. I have all sorts of photo stuff (like three) that came with this HP desktop and really don't use them. I also have a GIMP2 deal so I can color skins in IL-2 and other combat flight sims (still working on that though). I'm really new to this sort of thing. In the past I was just 'borrowing' other folks avatars I liked and used 'em.

If you like Windows Paint, you might want to try Paint.Net "free" at the link below.

It was originally intended as a free replacement for Windows Paint, but has many more features, including the ability to save files in PNG, and several other file types.